Important questions to ask

Can we view existing canopies you have installed?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company it is a good idea to visit an existing canopy and we are happy for you to visit canopies we have installed. After all you donít want a canopy that looks like a bus shelter, unless of course thatís what you want the canopy for.

Are your canopies and gazebos usable all year round in any weather?

Yes, unlike some covered solutions that need to be taken down in the winter or during high winds, our canopies are designed for use all year round. All of our canopies and gazebos are 100% UV protective whilst allowing light through and creating a small amount of shade underneath. An important factor to also consider is the quality of the roof material. Whilst our canopies are anti-glare many canopy companies donít take this into consideration.

What guarantees are offered?

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our Mendip, Quantock, Qube and Redwood canopies. All other products are supplied with a 12 month guarantee. We guarantee to offer you the best service and work with you throughout the project and beyond.

Will I require planning permission?

Although new legislation has come into force over the past four or five years, which relaxed the rules slightly, they were predominantly aimed at the domestic market. For everyone else, the change in rules are sometimes counter-productive and so we always advise you to contact your local planning authority regarding planning permission. There are many factors that planning will take into account, including purpose, size, positioning etc. We can help with your planning application including information required on the canopy, drawings and design and access statements. Please be aware that it is up to you to contact your local planning authority.

Will there be any hidden charges to the quotation?

No, we carry out a visit for our Mendip, Qube and retractable canopies followed by a quote that is complete with all costs. There are no hidden charges and whatís more we do our utmost to hold the price, where possible, for as long as we can. We know that it can take many months (or even years!) from our initial quote to you being able to proceed.

We include footings in our quotes if they are required so that you know it is truly a "one-stop" process. We don't feel that it should be up to you to sort this out, and we recommend that you check every quote to make sure this is stated as we have heard of instances where the customer has to pay for and arrange yourself

What roof material do you use?

This is dependent on the type of canopy that your require. Mendip and Quantock canopies feature solid or multi-wall polycarbonate in a choice of colours, whereas the Qube uses a tensioned PVC material. Our awnings use high quality awning fabrics. Where possible we will always give you a range of roof material options

Do you fix your canopies directly onto the current surface?

No, all canopies, from any company, MUST be fitted to concrete pads of the relevant size for the size of canopy being installed. Unlike some companies we include this in our quote and we do the ground works ourselves. No permanent canopy should ever be installed without footings.

What colour can the framework be?

We powder coat our frames on the Qube, Mono-pitch and Kwikshade. This means you can have your frame in any colour of your choosing. Whilst our Redwood canopies have pre-treated wooden frames you can paint or stain them accordingly.

We want to place an order. What peace of mind can you offer?

We are a friendly company owned and managed by Bill Caldwell with the assistance of Phil Pedder-Smith. Bill and Phil carry out all site visits so you can be assured that you are getting the best advice. Bill runs the installation team and has been installing canopies since 2008 and all our site staff are DBS checked. We will work very hard with you to get the best possible solution for the budget you have and we are always ready to answer your questions.

You do fencing?

Yes. We can supply all types of fencing and the reason we do this is because we often quote for fencing as part of our canopy and gazebo projects when required. We can quote for fencing seperately if thats what you are looking for.

What other extra items do you supply?

We supply post protectors for canopy legs and posts but we can also provide made to measure post protectors for any other existing posts, pillars or columns.