single square leg pad
leg pads and post protectors

Whether we like it or not, safety is paramount in our lives. For any school, nursery or playschool the best way to keep the kids safe is to provide padded protection to any of the pillars, canopy legs or posts.

Safety pads:

We supply post protectors and safety pads which are ideal for providing colourful and cost effective padding around your school or nusery.

Our pads are:

easy to fit they can be attached or taken off using a simple Velcro attachment

fully waterproof and produced from industrial strength vinyl

use impact-absorbant foam

available in a range of heights and widths and can be custom made to fit any size post with a wide range of colours to choose from

We can also supply padded mats for any use including play mats and safety mats which can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our mats are made from the same materials as our safety pads

Low ceiling points on stairs can benefit from a pad to protect peoples heads.

Post protectors/safety pads can be used for various practical applications including: Outdoor Canopy posts, Basketball posts, Rugby posts, Netball posts, Gym safety pads and Play mats. We can mix and match the colours on a single pad if required.

We are happy to look at any project you have that needs covering

The colour padding we can supply is as follows:

white, navy, mid blue, light blue, bottle green, green, maroon, red, pink, bright purple, brown, light grey, black, amber, bright orange, yellow.

There is an option to have horizontal stripes at additional cost

As all post protectors and pads are made to order the lead times are generally 4-6 weeks from confirmed order

circular leg pad
coloured safety pads