med elite

The Med Elite is a robust timber framed cover with a tensioned PVC fabric roof. The cover provides shelter from the rain and shading from the sunís harmful rays. The Med Elite is very versatile allowing you to completely cover the area with retractable roofs and side walls/blinds, or to open up the area completely with the push of a button allowing you to take full advantage of the good weather.

The high quality PVC fabric roof is waterproof, fire retardant and is designed to last for many years. The roof retracts, concertina style, at the touch of a button and is housed under a fixed cover panel at the rear. The fixed cover panel has a drip catcher to prevent water seeping laterally over the cover edge.

The frame of the Med Elite gives a contemporary and aesthetical feel. The robust timber frame uses a lamellar pine, imbued by cooper salts which protect the wood from the elements. This offers increased stability, resistance and provides high bearing capacity in comparison to other timber structures which twist, curve and even split.

The Med Elite is available in widths of 11.8m, with a projection of 7m, and they can be installed back to back to create a completely free-standing outdoor room

There are a number of fabric choices to choose from and 6 colour finishes for the robust timber frame

The rainwater is collected within the frontal gutter and is discharged through an integral gutter system in the legs.