The Qube canopy, manufactured in the UK, has an aluminium frame with a tensioned PVC fabric roof, in a choice of colours and styles - peaked, domed or apex. Designed specifically for use in schools, its versatility means it is now widely used in other sectors throughout the UK.

The Frame:

The Qubes frame is made of aluminium and features an integral gutter system, which stops water pouring off the canopy. The Qube canopy can be manufactured to fit any size area. The Qube is modular so it can be joined and added to at a later date allowing it to be extended as much as you want. The frame is powder coated so you can pick any colour you want to have it in, the standard being a light grey.

With its very long life the Qube is a financial investment which will benefit everyone who uses it for decades.

The Roof:

The Qube roof is a tough PVC fabric, tensioned within the frame adding to its strength. This system makes the roof attractive, robust and extremely versatile in both shape and design.

The use of tensile membrane roofs has become widely accepted as the material of choice for a wide range of permanent architectural structures and this acceptance continues growing rapidly, especially amongst architects who find our products extremely flexible in achieving the desired effect.

Everywhere you look the use of membrane structures is being used. Unlike concrete, steel and glass, tensile membrane canopies offer attractive visual impact, low maintenance, translucency, design freedom and increasingly, cost effectiveness.

There are more than 1000 Qube canopies installed in schools across the UK.

Qubes are made from recyclable materials.

Due to the strength and versatility of the qube canopy, its use is widely accepted.