The COS Redwood range of Gazebos offer all-weather protection with a modern contemporary appearance. Featuring a tensioned waterproof PVC roof covering a robust wooden frame, our wooden Gazebos can be used all year round.

The Frame:

Using laminated timber, COS Redwood canopies will have a green appearance that will enhance the natural variations of the frame itself and will, in time, become a natural honey brown colour before eventually fading into a driftwood grey colour. The frame, like any wooden fence or garden furniture can be painted or stained to match your outdoor colour scheme, if you wish, giving you a wide range of options to achieve the look you desire. Made from European Redwood, this wood is supplied from sustainable resources and is fully certified by theForest Stewardship Council.


The PVC roof is translucent, allowing light through, whilst stopping the harmful UV rays. This allows for a light, airy feel whilst you are under your canopy. It is 100% waterproof, allowing you to use your Canopy even during rainy weather. The roof is easy to maintain and can be removed if required. The roof, if cared for, has a life expectancy of over 10 years.

The standard colour of the roof is white but we can provide them in different colours.


We can supply PVC walling with or without window panels, giving you even more protection, especially from the wind. You can add lighting, which we can supply, making the canopy atmosphere look fantastic at night and very welcoming too.

For those colder days we can supply approved heating in the form of infra red heaters which are suitable for outdoor use. They are also waterproof. We can also supply and deliver pre-treated decking with your canopy which works very well with a wooden COS Redwood.