Manual Roller Walls fitted to Qube Canopy
roller walls

There is no better way to make the most of your canopy than by enjoying it on those days when you should be inside. Rain is never vertical and the breeze always blows, so keep this out with side walls.

Whether it is one of our canopies, or something you have had in the garden for a while, now there is nothing to stop you from using it when you previously would have thought it impossible.

Roller walls come in a choice of manual or electric operation and the wall itself is available in either fully clear, solid fabric, or a mixture of both. The roller walls are easy to use and keep wind and rain off you.

Vertical Roller walls are very neat, there is a set of side guides and a top box which the wall is stored in, making them very unobtrusive when retracted. If you choose the clear ones, you are able to sit inside with an unobstructed view whilst making the most of your canopy.

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Manual Roller Walls fitted to Qube Canopy
Electric Roller Walls fitted to Med Elite Canopy