Put simply, our walkways enable you to go across an open area whilst staying dry! In schools they are used as a security method to get children from one building to another.

We have several walkway options and the type used is dependent on the application.

Walkways are:

Hard wearing:Like all of our canopy products, our walkways are built using an aluminium frame and tensile membrane roof which are tough and require little maintenance.

Practical:Building connections made of traditional building materials like brick or wood can be dark and oppressive in winter, while Perspex solutions can be like greenhouses in the summer. The tensile membrane fabric used in our walkways is waterproof, translucent and 100% UV protective, providing shade when needed but allowing ample light through in winter.

Flexible:Walkways can be either open or enclosed on one or both sides using a range of different materials, including the same fabric as the roof. Walkways are free standing: they can be moved if required, extended or reinstalled to meet changing needs or fit in with new projects.

Attractive:Our walkways’ options of design and material offer an attractive, colourful and modern range of structures that will enhance the buildings they connect. The roofs and framework can be colour co-ordinated to suit your environment.

These canopies can be used for many other purposes such as covered waiting areas, covered relaxing areas and covered play areas.